Dirty Jack's Smokin' Salmon is made in small, hand-made batches (40-50 lbs or less).  This gives you the best quality.  Taste for yourself -- open up a package of  Dirty Jack's Smokin' Salmon...and eat the whole thing!  Our smoked salmon is better than everyone else's because we remove the skin FIRST! 

No skin and no fat means no fishy taste
!  Just great, succulent flavor!  

You will not find a finer smoked salmon anywhere!  


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ALL NATURAL!   We use no nitrites or artificial preservatives!  

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 smoked salmon

 salmon lettuce wraps
We ship Monday - Thursday.   Please specify if you need Saturday delivery ($19.99 extra). 
Thank you for your order!

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 small batch artisanal smoked salmon
"Jack, my staff and I found your smoked salmon to be of exceptional quality.  We wish you only the best for what will be a very successful enterprise."

 Sincerely,  Lenny Russo    

--Chef Russo is owner of Heartland Market & Restaurant and a James Beard Award Nominee for Best Chef/Midwest.
great appetizers! 

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   salmon shooters!salmon shooters    
 small batch quality!quality salmon  soooooo  tasty!fresh hot smoked salmon  the source...wild salmon

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